• A Comparative Study Between the Use of Prolene Mesh and Conventional Muscle Plication for Correction of Musculoaponeurotic Laxity in Abdominoplasty
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  • Postoperative Complications
    Haitham Akram Saimeh
  • Rectal Cancer
    Haitham Akram Saimeh
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  • Rectal Cancer

    Haitham Akram Saimeh
    Colorectal Surgery, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research center

    Recurrence of rectal cancer represents a major challenge which greatly reduces the long-term survival, therefore intensive follow up postoperatively including both clinical and pathological findings greatly improves the overall five-year survival rate of rectal cancer patients. In this case, we can see how there is high percent of recurrence in the rectal cancer surgery even after the total neoadjuvant CRTh and complete surgical excision, in the T2NO, we can notice still there is a recurrence rate. Surgical resection of rectal cancer depends mainly on clear CRM, free edges in addition to negative rectal mesenteric lymph nodes.

    Keywords: Rectal Cancer, Rectal cancer Reccurence, Rectal cancer and Surgery.